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Cairo Hotels

Cairo hotels are one of the best in thewhole world. Cairo is the capitol City of Egypt,it is one of the most visited cities in the whole world .In Cairo  you can find the onlysurviving wonder of the world which are the great pyramids ofGiza. Safari Egypt offers you 17 Hotels.
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                Web Site

        IntercontinentalSimeramis:                                     http://www.ihg.com

        Kempinski  Hotel :                                                 http://www.kempinski.com

        Marriott Hotel:                                                     http://www.marriott.com

         Conrad Hotel :                                                     http://conradhotels3.hilton.com

         Novotel  Hotel :                                                   http://www.novotel.com

         Mercure Hotel :                                                   http://www.mercure.com

         Cataract Hotel:                                                   http://www.cataracthotels.com

         Pyramisa Park :                                                   http://www.pyramidsparkresort.com

         Four season :                                                     http://www.fourseasons.com
         Grand Nile Tower :                                               http://www.grandniletower.com

         Baron Hotel :                                                       http://www.baronhotels.com

         Fairmont Hotel :                                                   http://www.fairmont.com

         SOFITEL El Gezirah:                                              http://www.sofitel.com

         Ramses Hilton :                                                    http://www3.hilton.com

         Mena house :                                                      http://www.menahousehotel.com

         Moven pick :                                                       http://www.moevenpick-hotels.com

         Grand Pyramids :                                                 http://grandpyramidshotel.com

         Oasis Hotel :                                                       http://www.oasis.com.eg

         Horizon Pyramids Hotel :                                        http://www.horizonpyramidshotel.com

         Tiba Pyramids Hotel :                                            http://www.tibapyramidshotel.com

         Havana Hotel :                                                     http://www.havanahotelcairo.com

Barcel? Hotel :                                                                http://www.barcelo.com